The Lensball is a perfect, ultra-clear K9 crystal ball providing a stunning visual wide-angle lens experience to up your creative photography game. The lensball is ultra-polished and hardened for years of memorable creative photographic experiences. 

Includes a microfiber bag for the polishing and safe-keeping of your lensball, beautiful photo cards, stunning gift box and a BONUS Top 7 Lensball Photography Tips Starter Guide so you're a beginner to this you have everything you need to get creative! It is quite simply the most comprehensive premium lensball package on the market.

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Lensball Manufacturing Process


Lensball Manufacturing Process

Step 1


Only the highest quality K9 Crystal is ethically sourced from our vetted and trusted supply partners and mines.

Step 2

Diamond Cut Cubes

Diamond blade cutters are utilised to cut larger sourced raw materials into cubes.

Lensball Manufacturing Process
Lensball Manufacturing Process

Step 3


Strong heat is utilised with a modulating furnace which can moderate the heat output and air velocity nearly continuously, for the optimal heat required.

Step 4

Shaping (Lapping)

Lapping or grinding of the cube occurs between two metal surfaces of a precision lapping machine which combine for approximately 40 minutes for the ball to start to take shape.

Lensball Manufacturing Process
Lensball Manufacturing Process

Step 5

Shaping & Polishing

Cup grinders with diamond dust on a polishing machine further refine the perfect ball shape and polish.

Step 6

Further Polishing

Higher and Higher grades of grit polish the ball until a final grade of 40,000 grit is achieved.

Further Polishing
Lensball Manufacturing Process

Step 7


Cerium Oxide is applied to the buffing polishing pads finishing and obtaining the ultimate ultra-polished crystal ball.

Step 8


Modulated cooling is utilised to cool the hot crystal balls in a customized, specific manner so as to avoid imperfections or bubbles forming.

Lensball Manufacturing Process
Lensball Manufacturing Process

Step 9


Fans are utilised to ensure the crystal balls are completely dry.

Step 10

Final Inspection

Every lensball is comprehensively tested for any imperfections with any balls not meeting our highest quality standards broken down and recycled back into the manufacturing process.

Lensball Manufacturing Process