Lensball FAQ: Refractique




What is a lensball?

A lensball is a hardened, ultra clear polished K9 crystal ball which acts like a wide angle lens giving you a 180 degree view and creates a refraction effect, whereby the image in the ball is flipped over - in the right setting it creates some stunning visuals. 

What is it made from?

It is made from hardened K9 crystal which is commonly used in camera lenses and optics, this provides flawless images.

Which lensball should I buy and how much do they weigh?

Our Lensball 80mm Vivid is the most popular, however the Lensball 60mm Mini is great as a second ball as it is lighter and provides greater mobility. The 80mm Vivid is 650g while the 60mm Mini is just 250g.

How do I use the Lensball?

In general, stand closer to your subjects as the wide angle of the lens makes everything appear farther away than they actually are. We have some great blog material which has a heap of free advice on how to take the best lensball photos.

I was happy with my product, how do I review you?

We would appreciate if you place a review on Facebook.

What type of photography is Refractique's Lensball best used for?

While you can use the lensball for usual types of photography such as taking a photo of family and friends refraction photography (which lensball creates!) is particularly well suited to landscapes and scenery. Some examples are shown on the site - beaches, the horizon, rainforest, farmland and other outdoor scenes are particularly successful. Taking photos where reflective surfaces such as water are also involved are particularly fascinating as the otherwise inverted image will face up again while the rest of the image can be inverted. People have done all sorts of funky things with the lensball so be creative and most importantly try out your lensball in as many types of spaces as possible!

Does the lensball work well with smart phones and DSLR cameras?

Absolutely! Our lensballs have been tested with both camera and smart phone functionality and they definitely both capture images just as well - your smart phone functions like autofocus also won't freak out. Rest assured there are customers without cameras using our products and still getting great outcomes.


What is your Shipping timeframe for US orders?

Yes, we deliver US orders locally normally in just 2-5 business days. You will receive a tracking number within 1-2 business days. 

Free Delivery for all orders over just $100!

Flat Rate Shipping for orders under $100 of just $8.95. 

It is important to take care with ordering from .com sites especially where Worldwide delivery with a longer timeframe is mentioned. Often this means they are being shipped from China and right now that means large delays with China Post. We only use reputable US carriers - USPS, Fedex and DHL with fast services such as priority and expedited services. 

We cover the US with fast locally shipped orders with tracking. 

Collaborating / Influencers

I am a photographer or influencer that would like to work with you - how do I apply?

Simply email us at support@refractique.com

I'd like to discuss more and share photos with others - how can I do so?

Hope onto our Facebook (/refractique) or Instagram accounts (@refractique) we love when people share photos and it provides an opportunity for others to recognise or provide feedback on work. Its also a good opportunity to get ideas and discuss them with others.


Does your business have Terms of Service?

Yes you can read our TOS document here.

Do you safeguard my privacy?

Yes, we take your privacy seriously and for more information you can read our privacy policy.

I have an issue with my lensball. Do you accept returns?

We very rarely find customers have issues with their product. However, if you do have issues we offer free returns and you can read our Refund Policy