Free Lensball Course

Globalize  contains over 2 hours of brilliant practical video training and is broken into 6 modules:


  1. – Learn how to capture images in your ball, and the mistakes to avoid.
  2. – How to combine 3 images using post processing to make the ball appear to float.
  3. – Go beyond the simple composition, to create a series of unique images.
  4. – Learn the obstacles faced when taking portraits, and how to overcome them.
  5. – Create your own scene in the ball, and see how best to do still life photography.
  6. – Enhance your photos to make them stand out even more; learn how layer masking can help with this.


In each module the structure is broken into:

  1. The module’s video at the top of the page
  2. A written outline of the module and some photos. Alongside headers are timings so you can navigate/skip towards that part of the video if you’d like to.


Enjoy the free course.